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The Journey of



Ben’a Felita Klier-Bouler: Ben’a is sweeping across the world with her many roles including being an International and domestic author, filmmaker, director, producer, actress and entrepreneur. As a former victim of abuse, Ben’a has become phenomenal women’s empowerment speaker and advocate. She is a TRIPLE THREAT becoming an icon, a hero, and an advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and breast cancer survivors.  She is truly a voice for the voiceless.  


Ben’a was born, Ben’a Felita Brown also known as Blaq Orchid. She is one of the most influential authors and spoken word artists of the 21st century. Many of her works include, but are not limited to her best selling short stories, biographies, and devotionals entitled: “In The Eyes of Truth: What Is Your Truth”, “Journey Through Life Devotional, “Words of Life: Daily Affirmations” and “Love and Secrets.

Starting as an actress starring in many popular television broadcasts and movies such as Tyler Perry’s the Have and the Have Nots, the movie Bessie, and several Broadway theatre plays including the Red lipstick Monologues, Bena's dream was to show people that they can overcome any obstacle thrown their lives. Ben’a is the CEO and Founder of Blaq Orchid Productions.

This is where Ben’a comes to life as Director, Script Writer, Teacher, Advocate, Actress, and Producer. From the birth of this company, Ben’a has written and directed many scripts, TV series, Internet based dramas, comedies, plays, and thrillers. Some of her most recent works are the psychological thriller that will chill you to the bones “Jezabel” the must see thriller about a woman with multiple personalities, her most dramatic and transparent television series D.A.T. Life: Decisions After Temptations 1, 2, & 3 all based on real life events with dramatic twists schemes, and plots, and her BRAND NEW faith based series “God I’m Not Ready”, multiple people, multiple walks of life, and all trying to figure out if they have what it takes to be ready. Her style and err of Genre can be reached by people of all walks of life. 

Ben'a is also soaring as a fashion icon. Her fashion house House of La'Rue Fashions and Aa'Zure is taking the independent emerging fashion designers by storm. Having showcased in Charlotte Seen Fashion week, during New York Fashion week as an emerging designer.  Her motto; Unapologetically Unique Fashions.  Ben'a goal is to give her audience an experience. From the runway to the boutique House of La'Rue and Aa'Zure garments will make you feel renewed. 


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