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The Journey of



Michelle Lovett is the visionary behind Life, Love and Lockup. Michelle was born on September 7, 1976, at Homestead Air force Hospital in Homestead, Florida. Her parents are Bennie and Gloria Lovett, (Deceased). Born premature, a heart murmur, severe allergies and battling chronic asthma. She had to fight to live. Doctors declared death at birth.

    The Miami native, youngest of six children in a blended family, spent a lot of her youth in church watching her parents serve. Since the age of 4, Michelle has been able to remember and recite extended material in church and school productions. People always told her that she had plenty of gifts and talents. She followed her parents footsteps, serving on the usher board, singing in the choir and participating in holiday productions. It was also through her parents’ examples that she excelled in school,gifted programs and holding several leadership positions.

     Upon graduating high school, Michelle enrolled at Paine College. The transition was challenging and she became unfocused, leading her to Georgia Military College where she earned an Associate’s degree in Criminal Investigations later she enrolled at Albany State University completing all courses in Criminal Justice. One of her dreams was to become a judge so she could positively impact the community. Later, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Strayer University.

   Michelle spent 10 years working in the financial industry, climbing the ranks and holding such positions as conversion specialist, manager and fraud investigator. Michelle’s entrepreneurial mindset soon re-emerged. She had watched her parents run several successful businesses. She applied her learning from plus combined her corporate managerial skills from the bank in 2012 and opened MEME’ENT. (entertainment company, managing independent artists). Late 2014 she opened and operated TEAMUP TRUCKS, (trucking company).

  Michelle, experienced back-to-back deaths of her mother and brother, (2009/2010),coupled with several surgeries, Lupron treatments & a total hysterectomy 2010, 2011 diagnosed with fibromyalgia, 2013 diagnosed with Lupus. Not to mention divorce and plenty of heartbreaks thereafter.

Michelle, re-evaluated life and what she wanted from it. Walked away from the corporate world, slowed operations on the trucking company, and found a special joy working in the entertainment industry. In 2015, Sista Girl London offered her a role in her stage play and she returned back to acting. 2016 & 2017 she struggled and battled with lupus, focus gave her six months to live. She was forced to stop acting. Michelle, started a new regiment and is living a holistic lifestyle. Two years had passed and GOD proved once again, Michelle is his child. She was alive, healthy & death wasn't in the forecast.

  Michelle returned to the stage, Tv, and film, gaining acting experience and quickly becoming a sought-after actor in the Atlanta area. She have done background work for television shows such as Black Lightning , Cobra Kai, BET Tales and Tyler Perry commercial for his last stage play. Michelle, have starred or co-starred in nearly 8 stage plays, including Where’s My God Man written by Evans Louissaint; Damnation written by Russell Tyson, How to Love a Damaged Man written by SistaGirl London and True Love written by Beverly Banks. Admiring such actors Denzel Washington, Regina King, Gabrielle Union and Tiffany Haddish, Michelle sees herself sharing scenes with them soon.