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The Journey of



Ceera Sade is a Firearm trainer , Medical Hairstylist Seamstress. Born on April 17th in Washington, DC. 

As a Mompreneur she strive to use my art to inspire All ages while creating a domino effect in leading survival training for our community to evolve together. She is the founder of QOAM (Queens On A Mission).

About Queens On A Mission (Radio & Media)

Our overall objective is to form a unified coalition of women vested in the advancement of themselves, their families and communities.

This movement assists in the completion of individual missions embarked upon by revolutionary Queens by creating a shared

village, reinvigorate the culture, reinvent how women see themselves, thereby dictating how they are depicted by society.

Our movement does not exclude any individual due to disability, emotional or mental dis ease, cultural or language ibarriers, nor any other factors. There queens and their communities are met with understanding and programs designed to include them and their mission in our movement that we may grow together.