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The Journey of



I am an International Orphanage, Adoptee, foster care-5 yrs and aged out at 21 in Georgia. Still didn't have a place to live so had to live in an assisted living home for a year and a half and attended Job Corps those 9 months in Albany, GA. Graduated with driver's permit, license, and Health Occupations trade. I had to wait 8 years to get an official high school diploma although I was 3.46GPA and an Honor Graduate from a Atlanta Public School System and didnt pass the 2 points on graduation test. 


I then moved moved out the assisted living home and lived with a roommate for 10 years. I attended Albany Technical College and made 3.79GPA with National Technical Honor Society as a Secretary and did community service projects which I have kept doing after graduation.  In 2017, I went to DC to shadow Rep Hank Johnson and was with National Foster Youth Institute with other peers like me to voice concerns in what's going on today in different topics. When I arrived home; congressman Hank Johnson nominated me for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute-CCAI. Below are different photos of my most memorable moments of my life so far in my 34 years of living.