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The Journey of


She is known all over as “The Boss Chix” and for producing some of the hottest celebrity events and parties in Atlanta and beyond.  She has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business from LL Cool J to Beyoncé’ and she has over 25 years in the business. Janet has always believed that being a woman does not make you less qualified for the business and that her grind is just the same as others. Janet was one of the first female promoters and since then she has developed multiple businesses including a celebrity brokerage firm, celebrity event promotions company, special events production, and Boss Chix ATL which is a female movement and empowerment group to encourage women to go after their dreams and assisting them in reaching their goals while supporting each other. 

Janet uses her philanthropy and hosts many events yearly. She enjoys visiting schools and speaking to the youth and loves giving back to the community. She has hosted and participated in events benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness, Human & Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence and produced a PSA for Autism. Throughout the year she hosts and or produces many other events in Atlanta and beyond. And she has no plans on stopping there. She will be bringing you more health awareness and philanthropy events in the near future, so stay tuned. You can always catch Janet at some of the hottest events on the red carpet or in the V.I.P. with the who’s who and her celebrity friends.

While her life may appear glamorous, Janet faces darkness from the loss of all her immediate family to cancer or heart disease. The loss of her mother was very dark, and Janet wishes do more charity work in honor of her mother, Iris. Janet faced another big storm in her life when she suffered traumatic injuries from being in a major car accident, which caused Janet to have to learn to walk all over again. While the job may sound fun and easy, Janet makes it clear that this has not been a smooth ride. She states, “Being a female just alone, will limit people’s faith in you, but you have to stay focused in this cutthroat industry to prove them wrong.” Janet has been blessed to make it in the entertainment industry this long and with her upcoming new projects I’m sure we can expect to see her 20 more years!