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Dr. Kevin E. James serves as the 19th President of Morris Brown College, a historically Black college founded in 1881 in Atlanta, Georgia. The institution is the only college in Georgia founded solely by African American patronage. Dr. James became the leader of the college while it was under duress and lacking recognition from the United States Department of Education as an institution in good standing. The institution lost its accreditation in 2002-03. Dr. James was serious about the historical legacy of Morris Brown and was on a mission to re-accredit the institution. As an executive leader with years of business experience, he understood that re-branding the institution while staying close to its mission was vital. Therefore, he initiated #TheHardReset, a campaign to restore Morris Brown to compliance and recognition by the Department of Education. 

After two years of diligent restructuring, Morris Brown College secured “Candidate Accreditation Status” by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) on April 13, 2021. The institution came into compliance with the standards and criteria to be deemed a quality institution. The school was evaluated by an on-site peer review team which determined that the institution provides sound instruction and appropriate student services. The college is now eligible to apply to the U.S Department of Education to participate in financial aid programs and Title IV funding. Such funding is desperately needed to support the students and the overall mission of the college.