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The Journey of



Mikey Jay is a two time Grammy nominated recording artist and music producer who also boasts 13 American Music Awards as well as an astonishing 43 honor awards for his philanthropic contributions to the communities across America. Mikey Jay is not just a successful rapper and music producer but he is also an accomplished Actor,  Executive Film Producer, Film Financier, Director, Writer, and film Producer. In 2016 Mikey Jay became the benefactor for the “St. Jemuel Family Day Care Group” and in 2017 signed on as the benefactor for “A Start Of A New Home Day Care.” In 2015 Mikey Jay became a key sponsor for The African American Women IN Cinema Film Festival and continues to be a sponsor and Moderator til this day. A Civil Rights Activist, Philanthropist, Rapper, Actor, Director Film & Music Producer and much more under his belt it is safe to say that Mikey Jay is more than a Mogul he is also a leader in taking guns off of the streets of New York & New Jersey as well as mediating and dissolving tensions between gangs and the youth under his organization Dynamic Artists 4 Peace. Mikey Jay also continues his anti drug campaigns across the country as well as mentoring the youth. Mikey Jay utilizes his platform as a successful celebrity and entrepreneur to deter the youth from making the wrong choices that he himself made as a youth and even in some of his adult life. As the spokesman for the NAACP’s Bronx branch and the face for their “411 On The Five-O Campaign” Mikey Jay speaks at forums across the country educating citizens, especially the youth how to interact with law enforcement officers. As a United States Peace Ambassador he instills peaceful solutions to communities in distress and advocates for those who can not speak for themselves. Mikey Jay lives in his truth and does not hide his past which he utilizes as a platform to deter others from becoming statistics and falling victim to the streets. He lives by his moniker “Behind every success story there’s an empowering story” Mikey Jay is not just a story he is THE STORY. 

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