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My name is Natasha Williams , Author and Stage name HerSoulSpeaks and I model under the alias NSW THE MODEL. I'm just a kid from Birminham, Al turned Author, Spoken Word Artist, Mental Health Advocate, Public Speaker, Model and Pose Coach. I've taken on these roles by passion. I grew up with a single mother and I later found my father at the age of 21. I grew up in an urban area, then relocated to the burbs'. I guess I got the best of both worlds and I'm thankful to be fluent anywhere. I began writing poetry when I was in Elementary school, but it was personal. I picked it back up around the age of 22 when I felt hopeless after a suicide attempt and need for purpose. I established myself as an Published author by writing about my growth as I went through it, that book is set to release this year entitled Push Forward: Savage by experiences. Since I have begun writing I've learned a lot more about myself and was able to release a poetry book entitled Spoken Word by a Spoken Soul and began a Urban Novel Series entitled Love at the First Sight of You: Westside's Finest which are both available on Amazon. I've realized also that I want to help and inspire those watching me and in my community so I've begun my small business, HerSoulSpeaks Publications in which I publish, edit, illustrate and write books for those interested. I also open my schedule to speak and work with any Mental Health Advocacy. Alongside this, I model and am a Brand Ambassador for a couple of small retail businesses. As a way of giving back I have taken on Pose Coaching to assist any one of any shape, size, age or color in becoming successful in photography and runway in the Fashion industry. As my business and career are still in an evolving state, I am heavily grateful for how much ground I've covered and the smaller scale impacts turning to larger scale impacts I've ,made in the lives of others. I do believe God has given me a divine purpose in my life with amazing gifts, to do something major and above anything I've ever foreseen and I pray I can continue to spread that genuine love and support for the rest of my life.