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The Journey Awards Organization was created in 2016 by our founder who believes that gifted visionaries & talents were all put on this earth to help others. With the little message that we send by honoring greats. We hope it inspires others to do the same!

Who & why was The Journey Awards created?

A: The dream of establishing a meaningful awards ceremony did not come easy for this once homeless, humble & determined man. He tells stories of unbearable days of starvation, cold nights and constantly working in excess of 20 hours a day. Stories which are definitely not for the fainthearted. A Journey that could have broken him down, instead it turned into resolve to pursue his dreams. After opening several hospitality based businesses and hosting large events, he would always make sure he gave back.

In 2015 after watching several award shows, he noticed that there was no ceremony out there that could match the same Hollywood glitz & glam experience but also have a meaningful result. A ceremony that honors VIPs as well as the average person who inspires & help millions. After reaching out to a group of selfless, diverse philanthropists.. The Journey Awards was born:)

All nominees are voted by you.. The People!

The Journey Weekend is also filled with fun themed events that lead up to the awards ceremony. Enjoy....


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