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The Journey of


Dedra Nicol is a creative writer, published author, playwright, screenwriter, creative director, and producer from College Park, Georgia with a passion for telling realistic stories that highlight black characters. Dedra attended Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee where she majored in Education.


This is where her interest in writing blossomed and her first book, Status: What Separates Them Brings Them Together, was born. She published Status fives years later and sold over 100 copies. In 2014, Dedra obtained both her Bachelor's and Master's from Ashford University then went on to become an elementary school teacher. Her life took a sudden turn when her father passed away in 2015.


It was shortly after her father's passing that Dedra decided she would persue her writing career and fulfill her passion for the arts. Dedra's playwright and director skills were showcased in many of her productions such as Our Story: A Black History Production (2017), Coming to Black America (2018), Black in Time (2019) and History High (2020). She released her first erotic fiction, At Last in April 2020 then went on to release From the Pages of Mrs. Smith Diary in December of 2020. Dedra is excited to announce the launch of Code Read, the sequel to From the Pages of Mrs. Smith's Diary which is set to be released on October 14, 2023. She recently set out to write, direct and produce her very first independent film Under Levi's Sway ​which she will begin production on in 2024

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