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Why partner with us:

All companies need marketing & branding. However in order to see a return on your investments, you need a reliable, creative and outside the box thinkers to increase your revenues sales and brand awareness. With over 22 years in the marketing & promotions industry, upon request, our marketing team will analyze your product or services, come up with a very unique, targeted branding strategy for you.


Marketing opportunities & benefits:

  • Prior: We will host several events, challenges, giveaways etc prior to the Journey weekend

  • During: We will host several events during the Journey Weekend

  • Post: Our partnership continues year round

  • Series: We will host a weekly TV series on our website driving all millions of followers from our nominees to watch their Journey

  • Contacts: We currently have over 132 million contacts that we will use to advertise 

  • Strategies: Social media ad campaigns, contests, challenges, giveaways, influencer partnerships, shout outs, special themed events, launch parties, mailers, affilliate programs, brand ambassedors, TV series, media runs etc



Send us your inquiry, our team of experienced experts will analyze your company and come up with a custom package that will benefit your product or services.


Send us an inquiry and we will send you available slots, ad integration, shout outs and prices for advertising.


Vendors:  Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase or sell your products or service directly to our attendees!  Vendors will have easy access to a consistent flow of traffic. Tables & booth spaces depends on budget and traffic

Affiliate Programs:  If you are a celebrity, influencer, socialite and would like to partner with our sponsors and opportunities using your likeliness, send us your information for review. Please note, you have to be very effective and actively involved with your followers for consideration. 

Event partner: If you are interested in investing into one or more of our special events that can be named after your brand. Send us your pitch for consideration.

Please fill out the form below completely. If you have any questions, text us at our hotline (678) 768 3717