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The Journey of


Rhonda “RoSolo” Solomon, is a Mother, Media Correspondent, Speaker, Lifestyle Coach and Author, whose integrity, dedication, authenticity and tenacity have all earned her the reputation of being “FEARLESS”. Affectionately known as the “Phoenixx”, Ro demonstrates an innate ability to fearlessly move through life’s challenges unscathed, and continues in pursuit of what ignites the fire in her soul...HELPING OTHERS!!!
Born to Caribbean parents, Ro spent her formative years in St. Ann, Jamaica where her passion for Caribbean culture and community was cultivated. “American born... Yardie raised...Trini to the bone” a phrase you will often hear Ro say to comically describe her diverse heritage.
Throughout her multifaceted career, her ultimate mission has been to encourage others to remain in constant pursuit of their dreams. Providing the tools, resources, and encouragement for others to turn their struggles into successes and their pain into purpose.
To utilizes her various media platforms to spark conversations and awareness in her communities. Her authentic and honest approach to conducting interviews and interacting with her guests leaves audiences mesmerized and wanting more. Ro was featured in VoyageATL in December of 2018. Additionally, in 2019, Ro was honored with a nomination from “Atlanta’s Hottest Entertainment Awards'' for “Atlanta’s Hottest Red Carpet Host”. Working with multiple media platforms, the now syndicated “RoSolo Show” is celebrating its fifth year on the air. In addition to her weekly podcast, Ro is co-host on (3) other weekly podcasts/talk shows. Ro puther fears to paper in the #1International Best Selling book, “Broken Crayons Still Color v2 - Life After”, with collaborating authors. Ro’s WHY is to master the art of encouraging others to uncover their true identity by cultivating a love affair with their passions while manifesting a life living in their purpose.

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