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  • How It Works:
    Each year, we receive thousands of nominations from you. The most impressive and intriguing nominee is identified. Thereafter a voting campaign is activated. The highest scorers are notified to be the top 4 contenders to receive an award of their respective categories. The Journey awards is one of the most impressive & positive platforms in the world. You get to pick who the nominees are! Each year, hundreds of powerful individuals congregate for an exciting evening of events! So get ready!!
  • Why Us:
    We pledge to help people. Whether its through inspiration or financial motivations, you will have a friend in us. Our honorees have the potential of getting assistance through your donations and our exciting events which will help create awareness of the causes..
  • Age Requirments:
    Minimum nomination age is 6 years of age. Anyone who is under 18 years of age interested in attending the actual awards ceremony, has to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All our social events and parties are restricted to adults only.
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