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The Journey of

Aisha Ervin

A wife and mother of three ages 26, 23 and 12. Born in Niagara Falls, NY but raised in Atlanta from the age of 12. Aisha was into entertainment her whole life, modeling, acting, pageants and writing. Between the age of 7-15 Aisha landed modeling gigs for Kmart, Cross Color's and did videos for artists such as Jagged Edge, 95 South and more with appearances in films such as I'll Fly Away, Heat of the Night and the Theater Production Piano.

In her industry circle Aisha was known as a young negotiator when it came to contracts. At the age of 17 Aisha joined the Army and received training in leadership, contracts and found herself longing for the entertainment world again. 11 years later in 2006 Aisha left the Army with those skills and opened her first business ESMV Model & Video Agency, DBA ESMV Creative Arts Agency and E-Line Magazine in 2007. In 2009 she filmed her first reality show and her achievements continued from there.

In 2020 she launched E-Line Media & Production which houses her streaming site E-Line TV & E-Line Magazine as a place for people to share their stories and connect through original content and marketing.

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