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The Journey of


My name is Miracle Fletcher. I'm the mother of two children, a daughter aged 17, an early graduate this year, and a son aged 15 that loves football and track. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. My career background has been in Education and Mental Health Support. I’m an organizer and advocate by nature. Service is a fundamental part of who I am. Growing up in Atlanta from Mechanicsville, Pittsburgh, and Vine City I understand the purpose behind advocating because I have seen firsthand the effects that a lack of knowledge, resources, and a positive mindset can have on minorities, especially black people with an emphasis on women of color. I started volunteering at Jefferson Street shelter at the Soup Kitchen and assisting my parents with running a Food Ministry with partnerships with Otis Spukmyer, Kroger, and Publix with our church family. Life has not been picture-perfect for me. I've experienced homelessness, domestic violence, a rare Cancer diagnosis, and racism leading to wrongful incarceration. All of these experiences have given me the courage to surpass my limits unknowingly and the boldness that allows me to stand in truth to advocate for effective positive and inclusive changes for all. The ability to face adversities and overcome barriers gives me the passion to continue standing up against inequality.
In 2019 I and some other tenants of Trestle Tree started a Tenants Association to call attention to the mistreatment through harassment and retaliation from our leasing managers, since the establishment of the Trestletree United Tenants Association. I'm actively involved with several non-profit organizations that support low-income residents and those already experiencing homelessness. Some of the organizations that I actively support are The Housing Justice League, a former DSA Steering Committee member, National Low Income Housing Coalition, Abundant Housing Coalition, Georgia For All Coalition GEEARS Ambassador, Atlanta Thrive Parents, Georgia ACT, Client Advisory Board member for Partners For Homes, Ignite National, Abundant Housing Atlanta, YIMBY, Right2HousingATL, Young Women Crush Cancer and Next City. Coordinator for Juneteenth Celebrations partnering with Saint Phillips AME Church and community nonprofits and small black businesses to provide onsite Covid and HIV testing, free food, free clothes, black-owned vendors, free community resources, political education, and voters’ rights. I have hosted Tenants Rights Training and Workshops for low-income families connecting them to job opportunities, mental health services, educational support, financial literacy, and basic needs assessments. The adversities I've faced in my personal life witnessing firsthand the disadvantages that people of color and low-income families encounter have fueled my passion for community organizing. I assisted in creating and advocating for the Tenants Bill of Rights for the City of Atlanta which passed Legislation in June of 2022. In December of 2022, I was honored to accept the appointment to the City of Atlanta Housing Commissioner Board representing low-income families for Districts 1-4 within Metro Atlanta. My call to advocacy using my violence to break the silence that kept myself as well as other tenants oppressed led to me being featured in the AJC Investigative Story Dangerous Dwellings.

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