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The Journey of


Brilliant, thriving, passionate, and successful are just a few characteristics of Kristina Peck. The impactful wife and mother of two has professional expertise in nursing but found her true love for digital marketing and entrepreneurship through her multi-award-winning brand of The KP Kollective.


Kristina began her entrepreneurial pursuits through the Pretty Women Hustle Network where she started as a Social Media Manager in 2020. Today, she is the networks Chief Marketing Officer. Her nurturing spirit allowed her to assist hundreds of women find their voice through products, events, books, and much more. Despite this, Kristina was faced with some life challenges. With the help of her family, she quickly preserved to achieve her ultimate goals and by finding her inner sense of self-love. Today, she is proudly a 3X award-winning entrepreneur, author, digital magazine owner, and CEO of living life on her own terms! illustrious sorority sisters.

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