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The Journey of


A native of Dayton Ohio, Vitelle has always been an entertainer and would steal the show every chance she got.  She made a name for herself in Kentucky and surrounding areas before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her dreams further in 2009.


Since then, Vitelle has traveled nationwide performing in a multitude of films, music videos, commercials, fashion shows, and stage productions.  As if this wasn't enough, she also wears the hat of a public speaker, writer, and director/producer. With a passion for community activism, she uses her career in entertainment as a platform to help people in need.


As a mother of three, Vitelle juggles a family and her entertainment career all while helping others to achieve their goals. In 2010 she officially founded her first non-profit organization called "The Feed the Homeless Tour" in which she and her family help homeless individuals from state to state during their industry tours. 


With roles in films & TV shows such as TYLER PERRY'S "I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF", LIFETIME'S "DROP DEAD DIVA", & The CW's "VAMPIRE DIARIES", Vitelle took a step back from the spotlight to focus on her stage production, "THE FACE OF HOMELESS", which premiered in Atlanta, GA in August 2013 and for the first time tied both her career and passion for helping the homeless together into one beautiful package.

In 2022 she officially founded Us 3 Productions, which provides a unique blend of all the talents she possesses into various projects meant for healing and deliverance, rather than simply entertainment.


Each show depicts Vitelle's real-life testimony of the struggles she has had to overcome to consider herself triumphant.  She certainly has many stories to tell. 

In 2020, Vitelle published her first book--a memoir entitled, "I AM: A Poetic Ensemble".  This unique autobiographical, self-help book of poetry tackles tough topics such as depression, suicide, abuse, human trafficking, and other various topics that Vitelle has experienced firsthand.  


Despite life's difficulties, this rising star is the true definition of determination as she continues to rise to the top no matter what circumstances life may bring. 

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