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The Journey of


Enterprising, Assiduous, and Intelligent. These are the words used to describe Brooklyn Native and Fashion enthusiast Jeffrey Young, But as you all may know him, Kiid Fro. "I am the son of two hustlers" is how Fro describes where he gets his ambition from when speaking of his upbringing by his adoptive mother, Carol and his Biological mother, Stephanie.


When asked what he loves about being in the fashion industry the most he says "We all live in a world where no matter how secure you think your life may be, we never know what the next minute brings let alone the next day. These uncertainties are what troubles the world the most. I take those uncertainties and I express them through fashion.


I have expressed my advocacy for Mental Health awareness, My place in the LGBTQ community, My feelings about being a Black Man, and my personal challenges growing up in an adopted household all in a world that isn't kind to any of these aspects. I'm literally a walking issue for society and I use my fashion to express myself in dealing with these. My ultimate goal is to just make the world a more understanding place one piece of clothing at a time

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