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The Journey of


Hello I'm Anissa Perry the founder of Victims Advocate Support Services (V.A.S.S) for short. A 501C3 nonprofit that specializes with working with families of homicide. I am a nationally credentialed Advanced Homicide Intervention Specialist that is currently working with other families of loss free of charge. I have spent the last several years working with families before and during their court cases providing much needed support and community resources.


I also work with court professionals and volunteer advocates to assist them with training’s while working with their clients. My goals are to empower these professionals on how to better understand and service their clients while in their early stages of grief. Before starting as a victim’s advocate, I was a young military wife and mother of two toddler sons.


My life was drastically changed May 2,1992 after receiving a knock at my door telling me my husband was a victim of homicide. I found myself with no resources and no community support leaving me with no emotional support and no assistance. After successfully raising my children I returned to school and completed training to work with families like myself specializing in grief and trauma. My passion is to bring healing to families who have been through traumatic experiences such as a homicide. I wanted my personal losses to be exemplified in a positive way to better service families in crisis.

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