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The Journey of


Charity G Martin
Owner of:
INDNGRL Entertainment LLC
Charity’s Got It! Contracting LLC
CGI Transports and Moving LLC
Dream Reality Shop LLC
Charity affectionately known as INDNGRL has always been a powerhouse. From entering the
workforce at 10 yrs old babysitting neighborhood kids, to doing door to door sales at 12 years
old her entrepreneurial spirit opened up and begin to blossom. Learning new things and
applying them to her life became easy and she started her first business at 14 years old
(braiding hair). At 21 she became an event planner and started INDNGRL Entertainment and
became a licensed Real Estate agent all while working a full time job. With her knowledge she
started another company called Charity’s Got It! Contracting Where she would assist
consumers with her many services or referred them to other companies for their needs. She
has been running those businesses successfully for over 23 years!
Aside from her entrepreneurial endeavors she is a biological mother of two and has always
thrived to give back and help others in need. She has taken in over 30 people in her home over
the past 20 years. Whether they were parentless, starting their life in a new city, starting their
life over or just needed help to get back on their feet. Her grandfather would always quote the
scripture “Don’t be Weary in Well Doing!” Whenever things would get hard or she felt taken
advantage of, so she continued to be encouraged to love unconditionally and give from the
The importance of leadership has allowed her to give work opportunities to many as well in
hopes that under her guidance they can also be business owners or at minimum be an asset to
where ever they go in life. Focusing on investing in themselves first, financial stability and
consistency as some of the keys to success.
At this point there is no limit to what Charity can or will do!

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