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The Journey of


My journey began as a child. I’ve always been obsessed with all things Beauty and fashion . Growing up in East Orange, New Jersey as well as New York there was literally no choice!


There were and are Fashion influences everywhere you turn. Growing up with a single mom. Didn’t bring much income into our home, we packed up everything we had and made the big move to Atlanta. I’ve experienced homelessness, physical and emotional abuse , and So many more trials and tribulations through my path to where I am now. Starting makeup at the early age of 14, i used it as an escape from my appearance that I was often bullied for.


After years of being in the industry , make up actually taught me to be comfortable in the skin I'm in and love myself and my features. Makeup gave me the ability to be who i wanted to be and who i truly was! This "Journey" I am on is personal and I'm honored to be nominated for this award! Business to promote: MUA Dej X Face Cosmetics - Luxury Makeup Services for less! Inquire through Instagram @muadejjj or email @

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