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Step 1: Click on any of the categories below & tell us how they've inspired you

Step 2: Ask your entire network & community to do the same. Make sure they tag us @journeyawards

Once our system captures them trending, we notify them.

Step 3: Once they accept, voting starts! The highest votes wins.


If they've already been nominated, skip these steps and vote below. 

Rules & regulations apply!

If they've already been nominated, skip the steps above & vote below. Best wishes...

Roy Jones Jr.
Chief Toni Washington
Janet Jackson

Kim Jones of NAMI
Jenny Bui

Manuel Rodriguez of Church’s Chicken

Mikey Jay

Shane Adams 

Natalie Decker of


Alicia Carr of Pevo

Jeremy Jones Of Georgia Followers

Samantha Hudson

Felicitee Love 

Michelle Valdez

Janelle King

Chiron Beavers 

Razor Chic 

Erskine Johnson III 

Devyne Blessing

Emmanuel Nwodo

Alex Holliman

Jenny Bui
Nicole Walters 
Solomon Smallwood of Solomons Temple
LaQuanda Plantt
Tommy Ashdale 
Tyree Smith of ARTlanta
Kenya Freeman
Elle of Buckhead
Jane Mukami 
Cicely Mitchell 
Amber Goppert 
Carlos Monroe Jr.
Xavier Biggs

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