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The Journey of

Dr.Denocka Wardrick

Dr. Wardrick has a history of ground breaking developments utilizing NFC (Near Field Communication), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and QR (Quick Response) technology.  In fact, nearly 20 years ago, he developed the world’s very first magazine download card for cell phones.  


Some of his other creations include the Social Touch wearable wristlet and the Social Touch interactive nail.


  He’s also worked with the Peachtree pharmacy in Peachtree Corners, Ga making it the world’s very first interactive pharmacy, and with Black Inc. in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood to make it the world’s first interactive tattoo studio, creating sustainable environments will making things easier for people. 


With this history of firsts, these next creations that Dr. Wardrick is about to unveil will not only make ripple effects across the personal technology space, but they’ll also move towards his number one goal of minimizing our carbon footprint.

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