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Please remember:

1) Never pay cash or send registrations to any website, person or address besides the following:


2) If you have any questions, deal with our offices directly by filling out our contact forms under this website ~ contact page

3) If we need to contact you, we will send you information via The Journey Offices, Tago International Center, The Luo Group LLC or emails that end with or  or via our social medias that are all spelt @TheJourneyAwards and @TheJourneyEvents that is associated through our website.

4) If someone is claiming to be from The Journey Org & requests that you should send money directly to them but not through this website, they are scammers!

5) Report any suspicious emails to us or your email host as spam.


6) Nobody or organization has been granted any rights to prepare you prior for the Journey Awards. We do all our work in house with our subcontracted agents, partnerships etc To confirm, simply text or call us at (678) 768 3717


7) Do not believe anyone who says they can get you an award for a fee. All our awards are free of charge, winners are nominated and voted by the general public .



8) All our nomination comitee members do not solicit but go through merits of the person nominated. Their job is solely to identify the best nominee to advance them towards the finals. If you have any questions, fill out our contact forms. Do not forward any of your information directly to the scouts. If suspect any suspicious activities, contact us directly to verify. Again do not exchange any cash or personal info with anyone outside our organization.

Again, if you ever feel suspicious, contact us directly through our website.


- Please see our page dedicated to FAQ for more information about how you can protect yourself.

Thank you and be safe out there!

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