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The Journey of



Marko Grilc grew up in ex Yugoslavia, at a very young age he got introduced to skateboarding through the movie Thrashing and got his first skateboard send from a friend in the US. Because in Yugoslavia there was no skateboards available. 

When the war started for the independence of Slovenia he got side tracked from skateboarding and picked up snowboarding because of the close mountains that were an escape from the street life.


The passion let to winning Junior world championships by the age of 14 and getting signed by Burton. He has been sponsored by Burton ever since. Making this his 23 year as a pro snowboarder.  His career was full of amazing achievements from X games medals to Air&Style wins. Red Bull also made a documentary about his life.


Marko has become a father to now 5 year old Emma and 7 year old Maxx. Introducing them into snowboarding at the age of 2. Both of the kids are now incredible rippers catching the attention of the global media. The Grilo family has inspired familes around the world to get out and spend time together not only snowboarding but also biking or just spending time in the nature.