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The Journey of



Royal Cromwell, born in Atlanta but raised in megalopoleis like Newark New Jersey and Birmingham Alabama, is an International Alternative Model & Holistic Practitioner. He’s a humble & innovative crafter, stylist, designer, hairstylist, writer, and life coach who started his own modeling and artistic mastery school in 2016 “The Royal Factotum” to offer all the help, training, and information models and/or any artistic factotums, (a person having many diverse activities), around the world may be needing to help push them to their path of success. He proved this to be his mission as he won Male Model of the Year from the state of Alabama in 2020 for all his nonprofit and pro-bono work to help build the artistic community especially in the Modeling world. His passion in fashion and coaching is sparked by his everyday goal to show the world that a man, woman, or simply put, a Human, can do and wear what they want, If you feel good, you do good and Royal lives by that and teaches this across the country.

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