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The Journey of



Tia Harding known as Tia Bre Ann a model/Foodie with a passion for fashion and food. She has her own foodie page “Tia’s Tasty” to let her audience know what meals around the country can fulfill their pallets for the food they desire. She has done various Photoshoots for high fashion editorials and been featured in many fashion shows and magazines nationally. Her personality landed a spotlight to host the Alabama Music Awards announcing state winners of various categories in music, fashion, and art. She is a current brand ambassador for Owl Eye Healing and Azalea J Boutique because of her positivity, work ethic, style and flawless creativity. She believes that the universe is filled with endless opportunities through networking with individuals of different entertainment Avenues and walks of life. She devotes herself to the cause of bringing positive manifestation to the world around her. When people see her she dearly hopes they find the same confidence She’s found within herself to do what She loves as she continues her development in every aspect of her entrepreneurial career.

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